We have a BLOG!

This is our place to talk farm, small business, struggles, and successes, all from the HomeGrown Direct viewpoint. I want y’all to get the opportunity to truly KNOW your farmers. We believe in transparency, not only with the local food we produce but why we do what we do, the hard decisions we make throughout the season, the personal impacts we face, and most importantly, the impact we are trying to make on our consumers.

This Blog - The Goals

I have two major goals for our blog:

To GENERATE TRUST – feeding people is a HUGE deal! People cannot live without food; nutritious food does not exist without farmers. There are TONS of marketing tactics utilized in the local food industry; some I support, while others make me shake my head in disbelief. We will touch on some of these through blog posts, and I’ll share how our farm tackles these obstacles throughout the growing season. It truly goes back to our WHY, and I’m excited to share that with you!

To EDUCATE – We are AG-vocates. You have the opportunity to be an informed consumer who can then share your knowledge with others who might not be as well versed (thanks, Google). I want to see our consumers having fact-based conversations with others. I want our families to be confident in the local food coming from our farm and know that it is safe, nutritious, and truly makes a difference in our community. I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience firsthand the perspective of our farm families when weather, government, crop failures, and waves of food insecurities flood the non-profits and all the unexpected charge full speed at our farmers. Some things are positive and hopeful, and others cause panic and stress. Some we can pivot and change plans, and some that can’t be easily changed have a lasting effect on the rest of our season.

Got Grit?

Farming is like a tug-o-war competition; can we dig our heels in enough to ground us against all the challenges tugging on the other side, or do we allow ourselves to get dragged through the mud?

Fun fact: Jacob and I were both Greek at WKU throughout college. He (of course) was on the tug team during Greek Week, and I chose to dance at Spring Sing (again…of course).

No other point in mentioning this other than to make you laugh thinking about a young, 20-something man wrestling with rope in the mud and that same 20-something woman lip-syncing and dancing on stage. Somehow, those two Ag kids would reconnect with each other and decide to grow a farm into a multi-state produce powerhouse; oh, college!

My outlook is that you are either going to drag or be dragged. This lip-syncing dancing queen is NOT a fan of being pushed or pulled, so we’ve got to do our due diligence in building an agriculture infrastructure on trust and knowledge.

Welcome to the Farm Family!

For those of you that don’t know us yet, WELCOME! I hope that some of our writings and stories can inspire you.

For those of you that know us, WELCOME! I hope we uphold everything you know is important and valuable to our family and farm. Thank you for continuing to support this whirlwind dream of ours!

Are You Subscribed? Time's Almost Up!

I don’t think I can wrap up my first writing without a selfless plug to SIGN UP FOR YOUR 2023 HANDPICKED SUBSCRIPTION.

The season starts in 5 weeks, y’all; I’ll repeat 5 weeks!

By subscribing to one of our HandPicked CSA boxes, you are not only able to provide your family with the freshest, local food available, but you’re helping to support our family, farm, and our goals for Scott and surrounding counties. Treat yourself with a weekly box filled with local, fresh produce and a KY Proud value-added item that I would put head to head against any grocery, farmers market, or vegetable/meal subscription!

Again, we want to give our sincerest thank you to each and every one of our supporters. We couldn't do it without you!

Family photo of Beckham, Amber, Jane, and John Parker Sharpe
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Family photo of Jacob, Megan, Jax, & John Parker Sharpe.
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