Jax Sharpe
John Parker Sharpe

The eldest of the Handpicked “mini-managers”, Jax and John Parker love the farm. The plants, the animals, the equipment; you name it, they love it.

Jax (5) is our daredevil. Full of sass and wit, Jax loves all things outdoor. Animals, water, mud and the trampoline are a few of her favorite things at the farm. She has no fear and is already taking notes on how to drive the big trucks. Jax loves to co-pilot with mom for deliveries and serves as the occasional “quality control” person to make sure the produce is up to our Handpicked standards. At 2, Jax was diagnosed with autism (Level 3 ASD). Although she may not talk yet and might prefer to play away from the crowds of people, our family could not imagine a day without our girl. She is curious, adventurous and honestly too smart for her own good. Jax is the wild mustang of the HomeGrown children, free spirited, beautiful and truly glows in her element. Jax reminds you that there is so much goodness in the world. This season you might see her riding her bike, jumping in muddy puddles or figuring out how to get away from little brother and cousins!

John Parker arrived right at the beginning of our 2nd Handpicked season, so he is basically a pro-farmer and vegetable salesman, just like daddy. All equipment is “Daddy’s tractor”, all large trucks are “Daddy’s truck”, but he does know that the lawn mower is definitely mommy’s. John Parker is the solo gentleman of the Handpicked kids and a true old soul. He loves whole heartedly and is sensitive when it comes to his sister and cousin; they aren’t allowed to get in trouble, or he just might cry. John Parker enjoys sleep overs with his cousin during the season so he can skip out on early morning deliveries; he’s not the best morning person. He is strong, hardheaded and always willing to help carry a heavy load. This season, you might find John Parker talking tractors/trucks or politics, counting to 10 or singing Frozen songs.

These kiddos keep the farm young and moving forward; they are the future of our dream.

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