Jane SharpeJane is a professional singer, her biggest hit is currently the ABC’s, with counting to 20 a near second. She loves dogs and dogs play a huge role in Jane’s life; she has 4 at home and her favorite shows are Bluey and Puppy Dog Pals. Did we mention Jane LOVES dogs?

Her favorite part of being on the farm is playing with her cousins, John Parker and Jax. She also likes to jump on the trampoline and play in the dirt. Jane loves when her daddy takes her on the tractor to feed the cows. Jane has been told that she will be a big sister this summer; we will see just how excited she is when the time comes.

Jane manages the farm pick-ups throughout the season. She’s pretty strict with how things are supposed to be ran (she gets that from her aunt)! Make sure you have last name ready in a single file line. Who are we kidding, we are just happy to see the smiling faces excited to get their weekly boxes. Sometimes she can be shy, but you’ll know all the tricks to make her smile after the first couple of weeks. Bringing your dogs to pick up generally seem to work!

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