Amber is the sort of “catch all” for our farm family. She may be watching the mini’s while the delivery trucks are out, grabbing baling twine when the tractors are in the field or helping keep the paperwork semi-organized during the chaos of the season. Amber chose the perfect career to get the best of the farm, both on and off season; teaching! During the school year, Amber is teaching at Southern Elementary. She’s helping to mold the children in our community in a classroom setting, while also bringing much of that patience and desire to our children at the farm. For the past seven years, Amber has been a Stallion at heart. She loves involving the farm for school events and the farm loves seeing some of those sweet faces during Handpicked season. While most families are enjoying vacations during the summer months, Amber is on-call at the farm. She plays a huge part in making sure we are prepped and ready for our day-to-day tasks.

Amber has been able to find a normal (if that is a such thing on the farm) over the past two years with Jane, but will be welcoming Julia in July. Who knows how differently this might make our day to day look during the season, but we are super excited to have another sweet mini to share with our Handpicked family. Amber has the ability to make things look easy when it comes to motherhood, so we have no doubt that this year will be as seamless as previous years.

In the off chance Amber is not in the classroom or at the farm, she values the time she is able to spend with her immediate family. All work and no play leads to summer burn out; which is a real thing! She loves to be at the lake, riding jet skis, on the boat, in the pool or cooking out with her siblings, Nana and Poppa. She’s almost perfected her pizza baking skills with the outdoor pizza oven. Naps are also a favorite pastime, but those are few and far between!

Amber admires the process of the farm. The labor of planting, patience of growth, physical work of harvesting and then the joy we are able to share with our subscribers once the produce leaves the farm and heads to your tables. The pumpkins that start as a small bloom that will eventually decorate your front porch or seasonal tables. It serves as a reminder that something so small can have such an impact for our families. We are able to take these opportunities and show our children about being stewards of the land. That there’s more to produce than going to the store. Our children are watching their dads and moms in the field, on the wash line, picking produce and talking about the produce with passion that can’t be bought in the stores. We have so much on the horizon for our family operation; Amber is making sure that GROWTH, both personally and professionally, is an essential message during each stage of the season.

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